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Be your own medical advocate

health mindset recovery Mar 06, 2024

⭐️ Be your own medical advocate (or find one) so you can question everything⭐️
1st of 3 Lessons Learned from My 2022 Hip Replacement 

Just because it's said by someone in a "white coat" doesn't mean it's the right advice for you.

When I was troubleshooting my hip pain, I leaned into my experience with joint replacements and medical procedures because before Balance Biomechanics, I was really good at helping clients with prehab (building strength before procedures) and post rehab working hand in hand with Physical Therapists with strength and soft tissue work. 

Not everyone has this background so it's great to find a resource for you to ask the questions that need to be asked.

I interviewed 3 different ortho docs. I wanted to know their approach for someone younger and what they thought of physical therapy BOTH before and after surgery. I asked a million questions about restrictions post surgery and if they were open to me pushing the boundaries while staying in communication.

The surgeon I ended up with was: 
🔹 Open to my specific request for a script for PT BEFORE surgery (specifically dry needling and pelvic PT) and as long as possible afterwards
🔹Understanding that my restrictions post surgery will be different than the usual senior patient
🔹Respectful of my education and didn't talk down to me 

ASK for what you need. Physical Therapy scripts, extra explanation, less pain prescriptions (covered in the next post in detail). 

ASK your PT for more soft tissue work, heat instead of ice, extra explanation, more of the exercises that help you move better.

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