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3 Lessons from my 2022 Total Hip Replacement

mindset recovery wellness Feb 28, 2024

In 2022 at 47 years old, I got a total hip replacement.
As a former gymnast, diver, and a professional in the fitness industry, this wasn't in my life plan. 

I was really good at fixing aches and pains of others. I was fit, healthy, and super active. Our business was preaching injury prevention and avoiding pills, injections, and surgery.
it turns out that genetics of both parents with both hips replaced and 5 of 5 siblings on my mom's side having a hip replaced was too much to fight against.
After years of self assessment, strength training, physical therapy, massage therapy, denial and frustration, I booked the surgery.

3 big lessons that stick with me:
 1. Having a medical/health advocate to ask a million questions is ESSENTIAL
 2. The medical system is why we have an opioid addiction epidemic
 3. Success with recovery is directly proportional to what you put into it 

If you're curious how post surgery recovery went, 
Please reach out and ask, or
You can check my Instagram Highlights on "New Hip", or
Check YouTube where I put the clips all together for a 13 min manifesto here:

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