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Your Physical Job does not make you Physically Fit

recovery wellness Jun 18, 2022

I've said this for many years and not everyone agrees with me. 

Those who argue with me are usually the ones who are more physically fit and use their job as an accessory to their fitness.  It's a bit of a play on words but Iet's start out with acknowledging that of course there are exceptions to my statement.

We can define "physically fit" in many ways but here in my Movement Ninja perspective, I'm speaking more about physical resilience to injury.  I want to help you be more injury proof.  I want you to get through your work week with enough energy to enjoy your life outside of work. 

The tough love is that you are replaceable at are NOT replaceable at home.  Home is your real life.

It's not about six pack abs or putting your leg behind your head. It's about balanced strength, coordination, endurance and mobility.  Mobility - your ability to control your movements in your range of motion. 

If you have a physical job, you get credit for a long day of burning calories.  This means that as long as you don't fill your body with crap the moment your are finished with work, then you should remain at a healthy weight.  Bravo, but that's not enough in my book. The repetitive motions and awkward positions can take their toll if you don't recover and correct.

Over the past couple of weeks in prep for our move to Florida I've been doing way more physical work like lifting, moving, and packing.  I'm pretty pleased with my ability to help move furniture up from the basement and random awkward boxes into our storage pod being that I am 4 months out from my hip replacement.

But I'm noticing soreness and aches in my hands and lower back.  My fingers are even swollen enough that I can't wear my wedding rings. My hand muscles aren't used to the daily material handling from packing and lifting. Yes, each day I get stronger and more conditioned to the new level of work, but I also know enough to make sure I recover well from the day.

My favorite recovery moves:

Legs up the wall - corrects being on your feet all day

Wall stretch - opens the chest, arms and shoulders

Reverse bridge - corrects the shrugging and lifting of awkward items

Muscle floss & RockTape for swelling

I can't wait to be settled into our new house, but I know that there is UNpacking ahead so I will continue all my tricks to stay resilient and injury proof because God knows and injury right now would make life really complicated.

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