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What Can You Learn from 14 year-old Chancletas?

mindset Mar 20, 2023

I bought these flip-flops at a grocery store in Dorado, Puerto Rico 14 years ago. They are chancletas boricuas 🩴🇵🇷
At first glance, there may not appear meaningful to you.

But I was thinking…
to me, my 14-year-old flip-flops from a grocery store are similar to our small business.

Sounds like a stretch but hang with me, I see a few similarities:

Just as my 14-year-old flip-flops have withstood the test of time, our small business provides quality services that have a level of durability and longevity. We have a strong reputation, loyal customer base, and we consistently deliver high-quality service.

Although my flip-flops were purchased at a low price from a grocery store, they still hold value to me wearing them for 14 years. They’ve held steady through a lot!
So in the same way, our small business offers a higher value to its customers, even if it charges more than others because we provide personalized attention, expertise, and unique offerings.

Over time, I have developed an attachment to my chancletas. They are broken in, customized to my feet, and they remind me of our wonderful year living in Puerto Rico.
Our business works hard to build strong relationships with our customers through personalized interactions, good communication, and a focus on meeting specific customer needs.
That’s called Ninja Life 🥷❤️

These similarities may seem somewhat crazy to you, but they prove to to me that the underlying qualities of my well loved footwear contribute to their longevity and success, just like our small biz.

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