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Using RockTape for Successful First Aid Treatment

first aid Feb 14, 2021

Using rocktape or any other kinesiology tape on a workers’ aches and pains is NOT medical treatment.

It was for a little while, which leads to some confusion these days. However, in 2015 OSHA released a letter of interpretation stating:

👉”The use of kinesiology tape and other types of elastic taping is included within the definition of first aid treatment, and thus the use of such tape alone would not be considered medical treatment”

✅ decreases aches/discomfort
✅ improves circulation
✅ reduces inflammation
✅ improves awareness of movement

It’s a no brainer for non-emergent situations.
👍ANYONE can apply it
👍The stretch or direction of tape does not matter
👍Very low risk of skin irritation from adhesive that is similar to a bandaid.

Comment below if you have any questions or on how to learn more!

This OSHA recordkeeping regulation is contained in 29 CFR 1904.7 - Recording and reporting occupational injuries and illnesses.

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