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The medical system is why we have an opioid addiction epidemic

Mar 20, 2024

Lesson 2 of 3 of My Hip Replacement at 47


On the day of surgery, my husband was given 7 prescriptions to fill.  No one had conversations with us about these.

  • OxyContin  - strong pain med 
  • Tramadol  - "lesser" pain med 
  • Meloxicam  - NSAID
  • Aspirin - blood thinner
  • Anti nausea 
  • Opioid constipation prevention
  • Stomach protection from NSAIDs

 and I only needed 1...for 3 days (meloxicam) 


4 prescriptions had a "purpose" and 3 were to deal with the side effects from those prescriptions.

We need to have a conversation about "staying ahead of the pain"'s bullshit.  

How do you know if you could've gone 5 hours rather than 2 hours between pills if you never feel any pain?  Pain is valuable feedback information for your body.  

Look, nobody likes severe pain, but can you suck it up through mild pain in order not to become a nauseas, constipated zombie?  I bet you can.

Are there other options to reduce pain other than opioids? Yes there are.


EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT on pain tolerance, but you should know your options.


ASK questions.  Ask before the day of surgery on options to reduce pain. 

Know that you don't have to finish the whole container!  If you only needed 1/2 of one pill, then dispose of the rest.  

If you would like more information on any of the options I used for relief of pain and inflammation, follow me here or message me.  

I love to talk a LOT about it.

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