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Keeping Your Mind Right When You Come Up Short

mindset Jan 11, 2023

Life lessons from TCU football part 2

It can be difficult to maintain a healthy mindset after a big loss in a big game or championship, especially if you had high expectations and felt confident going in...and I'm just a fan! It's got to be so hard for the TCU players and coaches to take such a beat down and still keep some perspective with the Cinderella season TCU had.  All the hard work, the perseverance and the positive attitude carried them so far. The clock just struck 12 a bit too early.

Have you ever come up short after putting in hard work aiming for big goals?  Here are a few things that can help keep a healthy mindset:

  1. Acknowledge your emotions: It's normal to feel disappointed, frustrated, and even sad. Allow yourself to feel and process these emotions, rather than trying to suppress them.

  2. Reflect on the positives: Even in a loss or a missed goal, there may be things that went well for you. Reflect on those positives and take pride in your accomplishments along your journey.

  3. Learn from it: Use the experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. Analyze what went wrong and think about what you could do differently in the future.

  4. Keep things in perspective: Remember that one loss, while disappointing, doesn't define your entire career. Keep the bigger picture in mind and remember that there will be opportunities to compete again in the future.

  5. Find support: Surround yourself with positive people, whether they be friends, family, or coworkers, who can help lift your spirits and offer a fresh perspective.

  6. Take time to rest and recover: Give your mind and body time to heal by engaging in activities you enjoy and getting enough rest.  If it was more of a mental and emotional loss, stay regular with breathing exercises, physical activity and good nutrition.

  7. Set new goals: Create new goals for yourself, as this will help to give you focus and motivation for the future.

It's important to remember that losses and missed goals are a natural part of life, and that even the most successful people experience them. By staying focused and keeping a positive outlook, you can recover from a tough loss and use it to fuel your future success.  Pick yourself up and try again.


The blog header photo is of Coach Kaz, the brilliant Strength & Conditioning Coach for TCU football who runs all the boys through grueling training but also encourages mobility and recovery just as much. My son tells me he has an intense personality and can look into your eyes and immediately see your soul.  He is the heart and fire of the team.  I'm sure he is looking on and building motivation for another run. 

Go Frogs!

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