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Don't Look Backwards

mindset Jan 17, 2022

"Looking backwards f*ucks with your neck"

Pardon the language, but this quote from Gary Vaynerchuck resonates with me as I begin a new trip around the sun.  What do you think about it?

It's true physically.  

If you're always looking backwards for your work task, it's going to imbalance the function of your neck, shoulder and even upper back muscles, especially if you're always looking back in the same direction.  At least change up the direction if you need to look behind you. 

It's true theoretically, and even more so.

There are great lessons to be learned in life from the good, the bad and the ugly experiences.  It just so happens that the bad and the ugly ones teach us the most, but it's hard to see while you're in the thick of those moments, right?

When we come out the other side of mistakes, failures or traumas, it's easier to see what we have learned.  It's great to acknowledge the new wisdom, but don't spend so much time analyzing the why or getting stuck in the could've, would've should've mentality. It f*cks with your "neck," i.e. your perspective and your mindset.

Look forward.

You're going to get smarter as you move forward, even if you don't have a clue where you may be going.  Look forward to find the things that interest you, things that push you from where you've been.  Have the courage to suck at something new. 


"You're a fool when you start something new.  And if you're not willing to be a fool, then you'll never start something new.  And if you never start something new, you won't develop." - Jordan B. Peterson


Overthinking the past can distract you from living each day in the moment and acting on your future. Matt and I can easily get caught up in wondering where his infection came from, and was it really covid? Was it old covid?  Why didn't I get sick?

Instead, we refocus on being grateful he was so healthy to begin with in order to
withstand the 50 lb weight loss. Matt looks forward to regaining most of the weight in a healthy way and making a full recovery.  I look forward to finally getting my hip fixed on February 10 (God willing, lol)

Count your blessings, cherish time with loved ones and work hard to be a better human. 





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