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Cheat Code to Finding Quality

customer service small business Aug 22, 2023

Need a cheat code to finding a quality sushi restaurant?
Hate spending too much money on an average experience?
I got you!

I am usually a low maintenance person HOWEVER, when it comes to sushi, I am a high maintenance snob. 9 years in San Diego honed my taste for the highest quality fish. This snobbery clashes with my distain for spending a lot of money so I really want to make sure I'm getting my money's worth!

Here's how I found out how to gauge a sushi restaurant's quality - KIZAMI WASABI

Fresh wasabi not made from powder. It's the actual wasabi root chopped up mixed with a bunch of things that make it the consistency of a thick salsa. It completely changes the sushi me.

All the best sushi places with have it.
The place doesn't have to be super fancy on the surface, it could be a hole in the wall but if it has fresh wasabi, I guarantee you the fish you eat is the best quality around.

Need a cheat code for recognizing quality in safety training for your workforce?

Look Beyond the Surface: Quality isn't skin deep. It's about the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every aspect of the training program. From relatable content to unique delivery methods, true quality stands out because it's evident at every step.

Embrace the Unconventional: Disruption is about taking new paths that lead to awesome outcomes. When a training provider dares to challenge conventional norms, it's a sign they're committed to pushing boundaries and driving real change.

Focus on Impact: It's not just about the training itself; it's about the impact it has on your organization. Quality training doesn't just impart knowledge—it empowers teams, creates growth, and shows results. Look for providers who prioritize your people.

Check the Reputation: Disruptive doesn't mean isolated. Check for testimonials, case studies, and referrals that showcase the real-world value others have gained. A strong reputation within the industry speaks volumes about the quality you can expect.

Embody Innovation: True quality doesn't get complacent; it evolves and pivots. Look for providers who continuously innovate and evolve their offerings to meet the changes that are inevitable.

At Balance Biomechanics, we're not just in the business of injury prevention, we're in the business of inspiration. Our disruptive approach might come with a higher cost, but it's a cost that pales in comparison to the immense value we bring to the table. Our clients don't just learn; they thrive, excel, and lead.

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