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Hamstrings and Injury Risk

Oct 11, 2021

What does hamstring range of motion say about risk for lower back pain or strain?

Low Back Pain in the general population is common, over 85% of us will feel low back pain in our lifetime.
🛠 In blue collar trades?
It’s one of the top complaints and low back strains are on the top of the recordable injury list.

Having limited range of motion in the hamstrings puts workers at greater risk for low back strain.

The low back and back of the legs are on the same “team” so to speak. They are on the posterior chain, muscles connected by fascia and function.
It’s a codependent relationship. When one isn’t functioning well, the other is affected.

💡 Take a bit of time today to check your own range of motion in your hamstrings and let me know if you need some tools to improve their mobility.
🙏Your lower back email thank you.

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