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Keeping workers OUT of the broken worker comp system!

This is a chance to gain greater exposure in your community as the local professional who families know, like, and trust.  By being a part of this community, you are joining our efforts to keep workers OUT of the worker comp system. 


With a knack for disrupting the usual workplace safety & wellness, Lori Frederic is on a mission to connect providers who THINK DIFFERENT and fill the gap between employee body complaints and occupational urgent care.

Lori is the owner of Balance Biomechanics and has developed lasting relationships with companies who want to provide better options for their employees.

The Right Attitude

Work with people who WANT to get better.  Many physical workers work through aches and soreness because they don't want to miss work.  A quick assessment in your office or on a worksite provides these workers tools to get better but still get the job done.

The Right Partnership

 Develop a new stream of income where you can fill in your schedule with local company employees but let us handle the case management.  Create a relationship with the employee and their family for future general healthcare needs.

The Right Tools

It's common for the body to hurt and ache in blue collar trades. You can help make sure it doesn't last long.  Treat the WHOLE body with your favorite first aid tools to create better movement and less soreness. 


Help us change the work injury process through education & prevention! 

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